How to Hire a Realtor (Real Estate Agent)

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How to Hire a Realtor (Real Estate Agent)

Hiring a Realtor or a real estate agent (same thing) can be one of the easiest AND difficult tasks ever. How can it be both? Well, there’s plenty of agents out there that spend tens of thousands of dollars per month on marketing who do millions upon millions of dollars worth of transactions per year.

On the flip side, you’ve got your weekend warriors, part-timers and newbies. Depending on which of these types of Realtors you go with can make all the difference. 

My name is Greyson Roberts, owner of BOSS Properties. Here’s the deal, most realtors are desperate for business. And why would you listen to a real estate agent about hiring a real estate agent? Aren’t I going to just sell you on using me? Yes, and no. 

You see, the internet is a VAST place. The odds of someone in my city watching this video and using me as their Realtor is LOW. Not to mention, all of my work speaks for itself. The best Realtors don’t need to beg for business. Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s talk about how to hire a real estate agent!

More than happy to help!

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There are currently about 1.5M Realtors in the US as we speak. That’s a historical record! EVERYONE knows SOMEONE who is in real estate. BUT, just because your friends daughter just got her real estate license does not mean you should use her! Think about it, buying and selling a home is what most people would consider their biggest financial moves. You can’t afford to make any mistakes (more like your Realtor can’t make any mistakes!)

Knowing everything I know now after being in the industry for a bit, here’s exactly what I would do if I were to go out and hire a real estate agent. 

Don’t hire a goober

Figure out your niche

What are you selling? A basic home in a neighborhood with many similar homes to compare it to? Or, maybe you have 14.7 acres of farm land with detached structures like barns and stables. Maybe, it’s a high end home with a $5M price tag, custom built with no homes you can compare it to. There’s virtually unlimited scenarios when it comes to buying or selling. Most top producers have a specific niche they specialize in. For example, I mostly deal with out-of-state mid to high end clientele. 

Let’s say you’re selling your family ranch. You want to go with an agent known for successfully selling agriculture. If someone walked up to me and said I have a $1M farm house on 76 acres for sale, I wouldn’t even know how to value that. That’s not my thing, so although I would help that client, I would absolutely partner with an expert in that area. 

Find the top producer

Simply call around to different brokerages. If you pick up the phone and call Keller Williams right now, they will know exactly who sells the most homes in your particular niche. From there, you can search their online reviews and testimonials. If they’re good, they’ll have reviews! This is probably the safest and quickest way to get connected with an agent. 

Also, if you see a billboard, tv commercial or some well-produced, high cost marketing campaign, you can bet they’re the real deal. Marketing is expensive! The more you see a particular Realtor, the more they’re advertising, the more they’re making, the more deals they do, the more experience they have. Sorry for that word salad 🙂

Book a meeting

Depending on if you’re buying or selling, you’ll set an appointment with the Realtor you have chosen so you can feel each other out (not literally). This is where you’ll talk about wants, needs, value propositions, etc. Basically, you’ll be answering a bunch of questions asked by the agent so they know exactly how to serve you best. At the end, they’ll ask you to sign an employment contract. 

This contract basically says that you’ll agree to use this particular Realtor and nobody else to buy or sell your home. This protects the agent, as we only get paid at closing. If a Realtor doesn’t have you sign an employment contract, their help will be limited.

This is because there is simply a lot of time that agents put into each deal. We can’t work for 10 hours on your particular home search just to have you take our info and use someone else. This just protects us.

This is another reason why choosing a phenomenal, rock-start agent is so important. You don’t want to be contractually obligated to a lacking Realtor! Luckily, I would be more than happy to help you find that rockstar agent in your neighborhood for your niche. I can tap into my nationwide referral network and hook you up 100% free of charge! I do this because I not only want to help my viewers, but if you use that agent to buy a home, I will get paid a 25% commission on that deal. 

You get a rockstar agent without doing any leg work in finding them, the Realtor gets a great new customer and I get a referral fee. Win-win-win! I hope you found some value in today’s blog. Good luck!