Pro’s and Con’s of Living in Springfield, Missouri!

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Pro’s and Con’s of Living in Springfield, Missouri!

Listen, folks, Springfield Missouri isn’t a perfect place. What’s the good news? Even Hawaii isn’t perfect (my favorite place on earth). I’ve lived in and around the surrounding areas of Springfield, MO my entire life. I’m still here! Today we are going to run through the pro’s and con’s of living in Springfield Missouri. 

My name is Greyson Roberts, a Realtor in the greater Springfield, MO area. Now, that’s enough about me. Let’s start off with the cons of living in Springfield so we can end on a high note!



Hey, this isn’t the big apple. Public transportation is not a priority here in Springfield. Even though we have a population of 167,000 lovely residents, we don’t have a big traffic issue. Sure, rush hour can be annoying but it’s nothing even compared to Kansas City or St. Louis. We simply don’t need as much public transportation as used car prices are some of the lowest in the country! My best friend doesn’t have a car and gets around on his pedal bike just fine. 

Crime Rates

Okay, fine. You’ve heard Springfield being the most dangerous city in Missouri. Why? Well, we have a higher crime to population ratio. Obviously, you’d rather walk alone in downtown Springfield 10 out of 10 times over St. Louis. I laugh when people say Springfield is dangerous. 

I won’t get into details, however when I was younger I’d explore the most undesirable places the city has to offer. I’ve seen it ALL. To this day, I will walk down scary alleyways just for fun (I conceal and carry so don’t worry about me). Listen, I’ve NEVER had a scary situation. Not to say nothing will happen to you, however, it’s extremely easy to avoid dangerous crime situations in Springfield. Most of the crime is condensed into smaller neighborhoods. 


If you’ve been to big cities like Chicago, LA or even KC, you’re probably cringing that I included homelessness as an issue. Listen, it’s NOT an issue but I do want to point out the fact that if you go downtown, specifically to the square, the only 20 homeless people total we seem to have in the city sets up camp there. I almost never see homeless people camping unless I am at the square. 

The only reason this is an issue is that the square is awesome and has lots of great restaurants and nightlife! They’re harmless for the most part, otherwise the police would kick them out. And yes, after hours the police roam downtown in groups just to keep the peace in case some belligerent, drunk college kid steps on the tail of a homeless man’s dog. It’s a nice piece of mind.

Now, let’s get into my favorite part about living in Springfield, MO!


All four seasons

Do you love to swim, go to the lake and enjoy the waterpark? Springfield has a hot and long summer. Do you love to sit in the hot tub, drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire? Springfield has cold winters. Do you love everything in between, well, we’ve got fall and spring! Some people (myself, who loves summer) consider this a con. But if you love to have constantly changing weather with seasonal activities following suit, this is perfect for you!

Lots to do

We’ve got literally everything including Wonders of WildLife museum and aquarium, The Discovery Center (science center), the largest and best Bass Pro in the country and so much more! Of course Springfield Missouri has plenty of theaters, high-end restaurants, nightlife and literally everything the biggest cities in the world have. I am STILL finding new things to do every week in Springfield!

Low cost of living

Springfield has an average of 12% lower cost of living compared to the national average. Not to mention, there’s a thriving job market in Springfield. Low home prices/rents coupled with unlimited employment opportunities equals more money in your pocket!


Springfield Missouri has plenty of college and university options for every career for every budget. Here’s a list of the local colleges and universities in town. 

  • Missouri State University
  • Drury University
  • Southwest Baptist University – Bolivar
  • Ozarks Technical Community College
  • Evangel University

Health Care

As a regional medical center, Springfield, Missouri, has an unparalleled commitment to health and wellness. Health care is our city’s number-one growth industry, employing about 17% of our total workforce. We are home to two top 100 hospitals and Level I Trauma Centers. We’ve got hospitals, doctors offices and urgent care at every corner!

Diverse Living environments

Do you want to live the classic, modern downtown loft lifestyle? We’ve got those! How about just a nice, safe and quiet neighborhood to raise a family? Yep, those too. Or maybe you’re looking for a farmhouse with acres upon acres. Plenty of those. Big baller? Want something $1M+? Of course, we’ve got options for you too!

If you’d like more information on the pro’s and con’s of moving to Springfield, MO,  don’t hesitate to call, text or email me for more information. If you’re looking to buy, sell or invest in the Springfield Missouri area, you know I’ve got your back.