The $50K Fully Furnished Tiny Home That Delivers To You | Boxabl Casita

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The $50K Fully Furnished Tiny Home That Delivers To You | Boxabl Casita

What if I told you that you can literally buy a house, have it delivered and built for you in 1 hour. Introducing the Boxabl Casita, a 375 sq ft tiny home! The goal here is to solve the affordable housing crises. In my opinion, this is an extremely innovative and adorable way to accomplish this. I am obsessed with the Boxabl Casita and I am on the waiting list for over 150,000 people. Let’s talk about it!

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I can’t even remember how I came across the Boxabl Casita but the second I did, I became obsessed with tiny houses. I just made a video on an $8k tiny shipping container home you can buy on Amazon, however, this is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL home! Full kitchen complete with appliances, smart home features, built in dining table and so much more. Let’s dive right in. 

First things first, this is not a sponsored post. I am not being compensated by Boxabl in any way shape or form. Everything I am telling you is my unbiased opinion as a real estate professional. We are going to go over the quirks and features, drawbacks, investment opportunities and hopefully I will also answer as many questions you have as possible!

Boxabl, like I said, is trying to solve the affordable home crisis. In fact, this is essentially like owning your own studio apartment with no neighbors. Now, as someone who owns a real estate company, obviously I preach home ownership. This can be a wonderful way to do this! Now, if you have a family or maybe even a partner, this would be very difficult. You’ll notice no storage closets or really anything else. This is the BARE MINIMUM for a great price!

Full Kitchen

The Boxabl Casita has a full size kitchen! This comes with a full size fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher! I’ve been in many apartments that don’t come with microwaves and most homes I sell don’t come with the fridge. You get both, brand new! Not to mention you have plenty of windows including one overlooking the sink and built in cabinets. 

Also, the Casita comes with a built-in bar, table, island thing. You don’t even need to buy a small table, just a couple chairs you can pick up for damn near free on facebook marketplace. This is another major plus that saves money and adds to the all inclusive appeal. I am very impressed with the kitchen!


This home comes with a full bathroom including a walk in shower! You get the modern style backlit mirror which I think is super cool and useful. Not only that, you’ll get a highly sought after glass barn door! Plus another modern feature is the vessel sink. A vessel sink is simply a type of sink that sits on TOP of the counter instead of IN. This is as modern of a bathroom as any home I sell!

Living Room

First things first, this home comes with a washer and dryer. I don’t know of ANY home that comes with a washer and dryer that wasn’t an additional option. SOMETIMES rentals come with washers and dryers but almost zero new homes do unless it’s custom fitted. This alone is a major value. I paid $1,200 for the cheapest washer and dryer set on the market from lowes, haha!

Now, this is the room you’d be spending most of your time so it needs to be nice. I wouldn’t call this luxurious by any means, but as you can see by the photos, it’s certainly up-to-date. LED can lights, 8 foot oversized doors and windows, wood flooring and of course heating and air conditioning. This is not only cheaper per month to own than a comparable studio apartment, but MUCH NICER!


Boxabl likes to show off the strength and build quality of their tiny homes. I mean, they even stacked a bunch of cars on top of the home! This was a major concern of mine. I figured it would feel like I was living in a cardboard box that a major gust of wind would blow over. Now, I haven’t stepped foot inside but they assure you it’s extremely high quality. 

This means low utility bills! LED lights can add up to some serious electricity savings. Not to mention, there is so much natural light in such a small space that you really don’t need overhead lights until it gets dark. The Boxabl Casita also has insulation technology to keep heating and air conditioning extremely efficient. 


The Boxabl Casita will literally be delivered to wherever you want it set up. The workers will put your new home together on the spot in under an hour! How cool is that!

Now, let’s talk about availability and price

Price and Availability

At first, the Casita cost about $50k. Now, after personally talking to a representative from Boxabl, they told me that their wait list is over 150,000 people long, including me. They said that they don’t know the exact price due to demand, but recent orders are hovering around $60k. I don’t imagine they will continue to rise too much further since the whole point is to make these homes as affordable as possible. 

The representative from Boxabl also said that since there are 150,000 people in line and more on the way every day, there is not an exact ETA on when they will be available to the general public. Currently they are aggressively seeking investors, which means they obviously don’t have enough money to fulfill all the orders. 

Personally, I am on the list but I did not pre-order or even put down a deposit. This is a startup that’s actively seeking more funds. We’ve seen startups seek investors, raise millions and go bust with the investors and pre-orderers being left out to dry. So, who knows how much or when, if ever these homes will be available. 

They are also heavily emphasizing that this is an ADU or accessory dwelling unit. This basically means a glorified in-law suit. You could plop this in your backyard for your angsty teen, sick mother, airbnb income or whatever. I could see investors gobbling these up, placing them in cool locations and making a killing off the tiny home craze via short term rentals like Airbnb. 

This could prove to be a new wave of home ownership and real estate investing. I am super excited to be able to get my hands on one just to play with because it’s adorable and I’d love to review it. I don’t know where i’d put it, but somewhere super cool and rented it out on Airbnb. There you have it! Hopefully this was the most comprehensive first look at the Boxabl Casita tiny sustainable home.